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Day Program

Day Program Hours

Monday to Friday - 7:30-5:00 - Flexible depending on needs

If you need support outside of these hours, please check the weekend respite hours or contact to discuss support needs.

Inclusive Communities provides a Day Program available to adults and youth with intellectual disabilities. 

The Day Program teaches people life skills and gives them the tools to gain and maintain independence. Skills include but are not limited to; problem solving, reading and writing, math, money handling, budgeting, cooking and cleaning, doing laundry, employment skills, social skills, and many more. 

Programming is based on individual needs and goals. While this is a group setting, each person will have the opportunity to work on individual goals. 

The Day Program also offers recreational activities, and provides a wide range of options for people to enjoy their time while ensuring a safe and welcoming environment. 

One-to-one support is available if needed in the Day Program. 

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