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About Inclusive Communities

Inclusive Communities provides support to adults and youth with intellectual disabilities. Inclusive Communities was opened to help families and people supported who have been unable to access services, or didn't have options for services. Before Covid families struggled to find support, but during and after Covid it is almost impossible for families to find support.  

Inclusive Communities was opened by William Vanraes, who saw the lack of support and options for families. William believes that families should have options, and shouldn't pick a service because it's the only option. William believes families should be able to have choices on what services and supports best fit their needs. 

We offer flexible support options, and an individualized approach. Our Day program is open Monday to Friday, and hours are not set at a specific time as we realize families need flexibility depending on their schedule. We also offer evening and weekend respite, and recently opened up our Overnight Respite. Again these times are flexible based on each person's needs. While we try to accommodate everyone's needs, we also realize this can't always be done, but we work hard to make sure we can help. 

Support options look different depending on each person's support needs. We have group support options, where people have a chance to socialize with friends, work on group and individual skills, and have fun. We also provide one-to-one support for people who need additional support. While we focus on life skills and helping people with independence, we also specialize in working with people with more complex needs. When more complex support is needed, we work closely with other agencies in regards to planning, training and providing the best support possible. 

Our facility offers over 6000 square feet of space, so people have many different options when they are with us. Our main floor offers a kitchen, fitness area, games, skills building activities as well as an area to lounge and hang out. We have a large sensory area downstairs which provides different areas and sensory items for people to enjoy. This has been a popular area, and is used frequently if people need a calming, quiet environment. 

The second floor offers our overnight respite space. It is set up with separate bedrooms, a dining room/living room area, and bathrooms on the second floor with full showers and a bathtub. 

We are able to provide support both in our location or out in the community. By providing individual support options, we can help in many situations. 

We work with many different agencies, and can work with multiple funding sources including Passport, SSAH, Complex Special Needs, Flex Funding and more. 

How to Access Services

Understanding how difficult it can be for families and people supported to access services, we make the process very easy. We book a tour, and a meeting to discuss support needs and goals. From there we have some information to fill out to help us provide the best quality of support. Once this is completed, many people can usually start within a week. If more complex support is needed, there may be some additional training involved, but the process can still happen quickly. 

Our staff come from different backgrounds, including Social Service Worker, Developmental Service Worker, Nursing, as well as mental health experience. Staff go through background checks and additional training is provided. Our team is dedicated to the people we support. We are committed to helping people achieve their goals, help with independence, and provide people with a safe, welcoming environment. 


Families and people supported know what they would like to see, and what they need. We work with families and people supported to achieve their goals. Sometimes this is just respite for families, but by listening to families and providing support needed, it creates a better quality of life for all involved. 

Understanding People

Each person's situation is different, and the best way to provide support is to understand that. While some people may do well in a group setting, other people may not do as well, or may need additional support. We recognize that, and make sure we set up the appropriate supports. 

Commitment and Results

We are committed to people we support. Understanding what people are looking for in terms of support, and the reason they reached out to us is how we work with each person/group to provide the best quality support. 

To Discuss Support Options

Send an email to connect or request a call.

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